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Friday, January 19, 2018

Lecture: Hildegard Westerkamp Presences Electronique 2016

Talking Rain (11:48) Hildegard Westrkamp discusses her sound composition techniques in this interview leading up to a presentation of her “Talking Rain” at Presences électronique 2016, Paris.

Interview: Hildegard Westerkamp - VNM 40th

"Für Dich - For You" (3:25) Hildegard Westerkamp discusses her "Für Dich - For You" that was presented on October 17, 2013 at the Vancouver New Music 40th Anniversary Retrospective Festival. Source: YouTube

Soundwalk: Villa il Ventagli Park (Florence)

Soundwalk: Villa il Ventagli Park (4:41) Students of the Professional Institute for the Blind Aurelio Nicolodi (Florence) explore attentive listening to environmental sound. In Italian. Source: YouTube

Interview: Barry Truax - Wrocław University

Interview with Professor Barry Truax (29:52) Led by Robert Losiak, Kamila Staśko-Mazur, Krzysztof Marciniak, and Sławek Wieczorek at the Wrocław University/ Soundscape Resarch Studio 18.06.2014. Source: YouTube

Interview: Barry Truax at SFU

Barry Truax (2:23) Simon Fraser Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology introduction Truax who discusses the soundscape program at SFU.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Documentary: Sons do Arco Ribeirinho Sul

Sons do Arco Ribeirinho Sul (30:47) This video documents the acoustic heritage of an area near the south bank of the Tagus river (Lisbon) that is undergoing redevelopment. The project will have impacts on the whole range of an area called the Arco Ribeirinho Sul, from Fonte da Telha (Almada) to Alcochete, an area that covers six municipalities and is expected to have around half a million inhabitants by 2021. Video by OUT.RA - Associação Cultural in Portuguese 

Soundscape: O Rio

O Rio (11:03) A film by Luis Antero and Tiago Cerveira. The Rui Alvoco crosses a once fertile valley. Today, what exists of this ancient and dynamic reality is only the memory, a collective memory that we will not let die. Through artistic practice, the collection of sounds and images, we contribute to the perpetuation of this memory, in honor of those who have made and continue to make this a valley of pure poetry. Source: Vimeo

Friday, January 12, 2018

Phonography: Napoli Soundscape

Napoli Soundscape (5:30) "Napolisoundscape is a project born in 2013 in the classroom of Electronic Music at the Conservatory of San Pietro a Majella in Naples, inspired by the WSP World SoundScape Project carried out at the end of the 1960 by the Canadian researcher Murray Schafer and other members of the team at Simon Fraser University." Source: YouTube